Directing Stewards

Steve Box
Executive Director
Water Steward

Mr. Box has a Masters Degree in Environmental Science and Ecology and a Bachelors Degree in Zoology. He has worked for twenty-three years in the field of environmental toxicology, regulatory affairs, and nonprofit management and sixteen years in sales and marketing for the food industry. His national and international experience managing multi-disciplinary projects as team leader and team member have helped him establish Environmental Stewardship as a respected voice for the water resources of Central Texas. His business experience, and environmental education and experience, along with his leadership skills have enabled him, as Executive Director, to seek and find creative solutions, develop strategic plans, and implement programs involving a diverse group of stakeholders (Resume). Mr. Box has served on the board of directors of the following organizations:

Envision Central Texas (2008-11)
Austin Youth River Watch Foundation (2006- 2010)

Melanie Phillips
Land Steward

Ms. Phillips has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering with emphasis in Construction, graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1991. After serving 25 years in the industrial and commercial construction management industry, Ms. Phillips started her own private sector General Contracting business, specializing in low maintenance/xeroscape landscape design/installation and small home renovation and repair projects.

Ms. Phillips’ love of the natural environment has led her to bring awareness to City officials of Smithville, Texas, where she resides, of how the rapid development of the area without specific tree protection ordinances is endangering the lives of some of the largest and oldest trees in Smithville.

She has a strong interest in the protection of our rivers and bays, for ecological as well as recreational purposes, with particular interest in the Colorado River and Lavaca and Matagorda Bays, where she spends most of her free time recreating and reflecting. Ms. Phillips understands the symbiotic relationship we have with our natural environment and is an advocate of educating others to come to the same understanding – that when we harm our natural environment, we harm ourselves. She emphatically believes that there is a way to sustain all of life if we will work together toward that common goal.

Michael Wunderlin
Funds Steward

Mr. Wunderlin has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Bachelors Degree in Automotive Bodymaking. Mr. Wunderlin is owner of Wunderlin Classic Body and Paint and was CEO of MAB, an international company providing purification equipment for industrial and municipal waste water treatment systems. While with MAB he spearheaded an effort to provide water treatment systems to rural areas of Mexico. Having grown up in Europe with a passion for fishing and camping, he has seen first hand the impact of population and industrial pressures on European rivers such as the Rhine, Mine and Mosel. Having fished and camped on rivers in Germany, Austria, Italy, New Zeland, Nigeria, the Puerto Montt area of Chili and US rivers in Montana, Wyoming and Texas, Mr. Wunderlin has an appreciation for the ecological, cultural, and health value of river systems. With more than 20 years in the US, Mr. Wunderlin brings his international corporate experience and global awareness of environmental issues to the banks of the Colorado River. He is a strong believer in education and outreach to the communities along the river as a means of protecting the resource for current and future generations.

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